Following a successful Parliamentary campaign involving East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight and others, Mr Knight today welcomed an announcement which will see mobile phone operators increase broadband coverage to an estimated 98% of the UK population.

Traditionally, up to 6 million people in Britain have been excluded from mobile coverage, particularly in rural areas because mobile phone companies were only obliged to cover 95 % of the population 90 % of the time.

Following pressure from Mr Knight and other MPs, from October 2011 onwards the Chancellor of the Exchequer has agreed to commit an extra 150 million pounds to boost mobile phone coverage in rural areas.

Now OFCOM have proposed that 98% or more of the population should receive 4G mobile broadband coverage. This means that across the UK millions who currently do not have a mobile signal will receive one, and that millions more will have their signal upgraded from a 2G ‘voice’ signal to a 4G signal, capable of carrying high speed data.

Mr Knight said, “This new investment will go a long way to bridging the digital divide and will mean that thousands of homes, schools, farms and businesses in East Yorkshire will get access to decent mobile and internet coverage for the first time”.

Mr Knight concluded: “In the 21st century geographical isolation should not mean digital isolation”.