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Latest News

Knight Backing English Votes for English Laws

Sir Greg Knight, Member of Parliament for East Yorkshire is backing a Parliamentary motion calling on the Government to bring forward proposals to restrict voting on English laws to English MPs and to also examine the funding formula which distributes funding to Scotland.

Currently many areas of Government responsibility, such as health, are fully devolved by Westminster to the Scottish Parliament but Scottish MPs at Westminster still enjoy a say on English healthcare. In addition to this the Treasury (Barnett) Formula still sees more government spending per head for Scots than for the English.

Sir Greg said: “As further powers are devolved to Hollyrood it makes sense to deal with the West Lothian Question and re-examine the Barnett Formula. England needs to be listened to as well and deserves a fairer settlement”.

Prime Minister David Cameron has backed the idea of English votes for English laws and said he was the only party leader to offer the people of England more rights over their legislation.