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Latest News

MP Warns on Bike Thefts

The Tour de Yorkshire has driven up interest in cycling and has brought thousands of people to the county but now MP Sir Greg Knight is warning of a new cycling statistic.

Humberside Police has just released figures showing that 213 bicycles were reported stolen last month with a combined estimated value of £65,023.

This means that the average cost of stolen bike in Humberside was over £300. In most of these cases these cycles were either left unlocked or secured with a flimsy, poor quality lock.

Sir Greg said: “Preventing these offences occurring is not difficult. I urge cyclists to invest in a good lock and to use it. The police recommend as a simple rule of thumb spending around 10% of the value of your bike on a lock”.

Sir Greg has also recommended people register their bikes to assist the police in recovering them if stolen and to stop them being re-sold through second hand stores.