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Latest News

Carnaby Airfield Memorial Campaign Launched

The Carnaby Airfield Memorial Campaign has been launched this month, with the backing of East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight.

The aim of the organisers is to raise funds to erect a fitting memorial, perhaps one of a Lancaster Bomber, with an information centre, on the Carnaby Industrial Estate, which is the site of an old World War Two airfield.

During the war, the airfield was an emergency landing strip for stricken RAF planes and had fog dispersal equipment allowing returning aircraft to land even during the heaviest fog. The airfield had over 1500 emergency landings by the end of the war.

Sir Greg praised the Ferns Farm Hotel at Carnaby for launching the campaign for a memorial and he attended the first fund-raising night held there recently.

“I applaud the very public-spirited action by this Hotel and I am full of praise for the way they are seeking to ensure that there is a fitting memorial in the village of Carnaby. I also pay tribute to the local members of the fund-raising committee who have been prepared to give up their own time to support such a good cause.

The event was organised by Fern Farm Hotel landlady, Kate Dawson and is the first of many fundraising activities planned.

Pictured at the Ferns Farm Hotel for the Airfield Memorial Launch are supporters and members of the fund-raising committee with Hotel landlady Kate Dawson and Sir Greg Knight MP on the front row