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Latest News

Knight Hails Removal of Sunken Vessels from the River Hull

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight, who is Chair of the River Hull Advisory Board, has welcomed the removal of thirteen sunken vessels from the River Hull and says that this will “improve the flow of the river and reduce the risk of flooding” for local communities, including farmers.

The sunken boats, located between Tickton and Beverley, have just been removed by contractors following plans put in place by Sir Greg’s committee as part of the River Hull Integrated Catchment Strategy (RHICS).

Sir Greg said: “Flooding alongside the River Hull represents the second largest flood risk to the wider area, so anything that can be done to reduce this risk is welcome.

“Not only did the contractors manage to remove the ten sunken vessels that had been identified, they also removed a further three previously unknown wrecks.

“Getting this clean-up underway has been a priority of mine, as a Member of Parliament for the area and Chair of the River Hull Advisory Board.”

“I am grateful to everyone involved” Sir Greg adds.